Month: July 2017

Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen for Free with Official Apple Screen Recording App in iOS 11

iOS 11 gives us a new feature, screen recording! Record and send tips and “how to’s” to family and friends that might need help with an app or iPhone feature. Watch and learn how to record your iPhone or iPad screen for free with the official Apple screen recording feature. No jailbreak, third party apps or cables required. Available via public beta now, or with the mainstream release in...

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First Look: Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 10.5″

The Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5” is one of only two cases we are aware of that support the official Smart Connector for the iPad Pro, the other being the Apple Smart Keyboard. The Apple Smart Keyboard is a nice sleek option, but doesn’t offer any protection as a case, so didn’t suit our needs. The Logitech Slim Combo provides some nice protection for the iPad body, whilst also having a fully removable keyboard. The Logitech options is also cheaper, priced at AUD$199.95. The keyboard is backlit, and comes with a series of smart keys across...

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How to Install and Setup iOS11 Public Beta for iPhone/iPad

Apple Beta Software Do you want to get early access to the new Apple iOS software for iPhone & iPad? With Apple’s Beta Software Program, you can enroll your device and be one of the public testers for their software. For this, you get to test out some of the cool new stuff on the phones, but, the software can be unstable from week to week, as bugs and fixes are sorted out. Our suggestion is to not run it on your main device, just in case a crucial app doesn’t work for you, or your phone becomes unstable....

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iPad Pro 10.5” Activation & Device Setup

Walkthrough Need some help knowing what to do with each setup screen as you setup a new iPad? In this video, we run through how to setup a new iPad Pro, including running through all the relevant screens. Have any questions? Please post a comment, or view our YouTube Channel for more...

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