The Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5” is one of only two cases we are aware of that support the official Smart Connector for the iPad Pro, the other being the Apple Smart Keyboard.

The Apple Smart Keyboard is a nice sleek option, but doesn’t offer any protection as a case, so didn’t suit our needs. The Logitech Slim Combo provides some nice protection for the iPad body, whilst also having a fully removable keyboard. The Logitech options is also cheaper, priced at AUD$199.95.

The keyboard is backlit, and comes with a series of smart keys across the top for functions such as screen and keyboard brightness, media controls and home/lock buttons. It isn’t a full width keyboard, but that would be impossible for the 10.5” body it is paired with.

We considered other cheap alternatives, but these only connect via Bluetooth, and didn’t have the full range of options we desired such as backlighting, smart keys, decent protection and the fact this keyboard takes it’s power directly from the iPad through the Smart Connector.

In this video, we take a look at unboxing and setting up the Logitech Slim Combo, with a full review to come soon.